When a fluffy kitten lives in the house, the world around seems brighter and more interesting. A pet pleases its owners with its fun games, unusual postures and kind disposition. However, there is one drawback of keeping cats in the house – it is cat hair. Especially during the period of pet shedding, when the cat sheds, its fur is everywhere: on the carpet, on upholstered furniture and clothes. Seasonal molting is quite normal, but if the cat begins to shed heavily, then this already indicates some kind of malfunction in the animal s body.

Molting in cats

Seasonal molt

Molting is absolutely normal; it occurs twice a year: in spring and autumn. At these moments, the cat completely changes its “fur coat” from summer to winter and vice versa. In long-haired cats, the hair falls out in whole shreds, and in short-haired cats it simply crumbles. Few people know, but the less undercoat a cat has, the less it sheds.

When a cat begins to moult seasonally, it is necessary to comb out its fur daily. If the cat is long-haired, then buy a special brush for these cats. And if the cat is short-haired, then use a special comb in the form of a glove. In addition, purchase products from your veterinary pharmacy that remove hair from the pet s stomach. After all, when a cat washes and licks its licks, the wool enters the body. Many people believe that the more often you bathe your cat, the less it will shed and thus you can remove dead hair well. However, this is a misconception, because with frequent bathing, you can only harm the pet, because many cats are terrified of water procedures.

Hair care

Reinforced shedding

If a cat or a cat sheds heavily, then this is bad and it is necessary to immediately find out the cause of this condition of the animal.

Increased shedding can be due to several reasons:

  • If the cat begins to shed unexpectedly and he has a rash on his skin, then you should immediately contact your veterinarian. After all, the pet may have a serious dermatological disease.
  • A cat can start to go bald after a lot of stress. This can happen due to the fact that the owner left him alone for a long time, or if a child was born in the family and all attention is paid to him. Cats are very susceptible to such things and stress hard.

Pets are very gentle and affectionate creatures, so even the slightest stress can seriously affect the feline body. So that the pet does not think that he has ceased to love, communicate with him, play and pay more attention.

Year-round molt

If your pet s seasonal molting is delayed, it means that the cat either lacks vitamins, or the apartment is too warm and dry.

Ways to Prevent Year-Round Moulting:

  • Give your pet special vitamins for wool, and you can also feed him a raw egg once a week or grow cat grass on a windowsill.
  • If the apartment is too stuffy and hot, ventilate the room. This will be useful not only for the pet, but also for yourself.
  • Some cats and cats like to sleep under a blanket or on a radiator. If your pet is one of these, then periodically take it to the balcony to breathe fresh air.
  • Very often, year-round molting occurs in pets that do not go outside at all. After all, the cat s body does not understand what time of year it is and constantly sheds its “fur coat”. Therefore, whenever possible, take your pet to fresh air.

Cat sheds

If your cat sheds a lot and you are unsure of what to do, see your veterinarian. After all, this may be due to multiple factors that can only be corrected by competent treatment.