Responsible owners always monitor the living conditions of their pets, so any oddities in behavior do not go unnoticed. It is very important to maintain a constant amount of feed, water and vitamins. Only in this way the pet will remain healthy. That is why, when it is found that the cat is drinking a lot of water, you need to quickly identify the cause and regulate the animal s regimen.

cat drinks a lot of water reasons

About the norm

Changing your pet s needs isn t always a bad thing! Therefore, do not panic if the cat drinks a lot of water.The reason may be quite harmless, and the consequences of changing the drinking regime will not at all affect the well-being of the animal. Felinologists do not have an unambiguous figure for the mandatory consumption of water – this number depends on nutrition, climate, breed, age and many other factors.

Attention! Do not try to forcefully water a healthy cat! By rude actions, you will not only fail to achieve the desired result, but also scare the pet. The animal, as a rule, knows perfectly well how much water it needs!

Usually, veterinarians advise to calculate the amount of required moisture so that 0.03 milliliters of liquid per gram of pet s body weight. It does not have to be water, milk, canned food, and wet food will do.

why does the cat drink a lot of water

It is very important to pay attention to your pet s diet. If the cat drinks a lot of water, the reasons may lie solely in a change in diet. Dry food has the ability to “draw” moisture from the animal s body. Because of this, it is recommended to equalize the amount of water to the mass of food in a ratio of 1: 3.

Why does a cat drink a lot of water?

As discussed earlier, there are a number of possible reasons that cause your cat to drink more water than usual. Sometimes this phenomenon is caused by serious diseases. That is why you need to find out as soon as possible why the cat began to drink a lot of water.

cat drinks a lot of water


Diabetes in a pet – one of the diseases that cause constant thirst. The cat s pancreas stops producing the required amount of the hormone insulin, which leads to problems in delivering glucose to cells. The required substance does not enter the kidneys in sufficient quantities. An important organ cannot filter moisture normally and the cat loses water quickly.

cat drinks a lot of water reason

Chronic renal failure – a very common incurable disease in older animals. Cells in an important organ cease to function normally and retain the required amount of moisture.

If your cat drinks a lot of water, then it is likely that you are experiencing one of the symptoms hepatitis A. The disease is caused by inflammatory processes in the liver. With proper treatment, the problem can be easily dealt with.

Attention! Many viral diseases and inflammations are accompanied by increased thirst. Try to provide your pet with enough water to continue fighting the disease.

Insulinoma (i.e inflammation of the pancreas in a pet) is also accompanied by the fact that the cat often drinks water. The reasons for increased thirst also lie in the excess production of insulin. It is extremely rare in cats.

Natural causes

Often the owners, asking the question “Why does the cat drink a lot of water?”, Overly dramatize the situation. Do not forget about the completely natural (and harmless!) Reasons for the increase in the pet s need for water:

  • increased physical activity (long walks, hyperactivity, playfulness, training);
  • increased room temperature, stuffiness, hot season;
  • pregnancy or lactation period;
  • age (kittens practically do not need additional moisture, and older animals drink a lot);
  • nutritional features (dry food or salted foods).

why the cat began to drink a lot of water

Don t worry and worry too much. If there are no other warning symptoms in the pet s behavior, then you just need to give the pet a little more water than usual.

Attention! It is necessary that the water in the drinker is always fresh (change every day). Do not give your pet tap water or distilled water. It is recommended to leave filtered or boiled liquid in a bowl in a conspicuous place. The pet must have free access to it.

Other reasons

However, it also happens that none of the listed reasons are suitable. Then the owners do not understand why the cat drinks a lot of water, what it means and how to treat it. Among these reasons are:

  • increased sweating;
  • taking special medications (diuretics, corticosteroids, sometimes because of the side effects of sedatives or pain relievers);
  • loose stools;
  • discharge from the genitals;
  • dropsy (a disease characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the cavities and tissues of the body);
  • stress and mental disorders;
  • brain pathology.

the cat drinks a lot of water what does it mean

If you notice that your pet has begun to drink much more water than usual, you should first conduct a home examination, and then (if there is no harmless explanation) contact your veterinarian!