Very often, dogs, playing, run after their tail. Seeing this sight, pet owners are moved and amused. However, such an action of dogs, hides in itself not only fun and joy, pets can gnaw their own tail for many reasons.

Why does a dog gnaw its tail?

Why does a dog gnaw its tail?

The main reasons why a dog chews its tail

When a pet is sick or has any other problems, the dog s behavior immediately changes. After all, he cannot tell the owner about his problems, so he tries to solve them himself.

Therefore, when the dog is chewing on its tail, examine the pet and understand why it is doing it.

Why does the dog gnaw its tail until it bleeds:

  • Parasites.

Fleas and other parasites feed on the animal s blood. At the site of the bites, traces remain that itch and itch. When parasites bite a pet s tail, then, naturally, the dog tries to get rid of them and constantly bites its tail. Parasites can make the pet nervous, the dog may stop eating and sleep poorly. If you notice a change in your pet s behavior, be sure to inspect its fur and body for parasites. In the event that fleas, ticks or lice are found, take your pet to the veterinarian immediately.

  • Tail injuries.

A dog is a very inquisitive animal that follows its owner backward. That is why, the pet often gets minor injuries, for example, pinches the tail with the door. Therefore, when the dog bites or scratches its tail, see if the pet is injured.

  • Allergy.

Dogs, like any other animal, are prone to allergies. If your pet has an allergic reaction, it may scratch its tail.

  • Hygiene.

For a pet to feel good, it needs proper care. If a dog has a dirty tail, then it can scratch it and even bite it until it bleeds.

Dog gnaws tail

How can I help my dog?

Of course, it is hard for every owner to watch his pet suffer. That is why, regularly take your dog to the vet. After all, regular visits to the veterinarian can prevent serious diseases of pets.

Do not forget that your dog needs to be bathed, combed and trimmed regularly.

What if the dog chews its tail?

In the event that the dog is combing and chewing on its tail until it bleeds, treat the wound with antiseptics and prevent such situations. Otherwise, the dog may become seriously ill.