Almost every person who has a cat has repeatedly noticed that at the sight of a vacuum cleaner, the pet presses its ears and runs wherever its eyes look.

On the one hand, this is a very funny sight, but on the other, it is necessary to understand why a cat is afraid of a vacuum cleaner.

In general, every cat or cat is afraid of noise. As soon as a device that works loudly in the house turns on – the pet, with its tail between its legs, runs under the sofa or any other secluded place.

Maybe because of this, at the sight of a huge unit (vacuum cleaner), the cat experiences indescribable fear. After all, she remembers how strongly this “device” rattles.

Why are cats afraid of a vacuum cleaner?

A cat and a vacuum cleaner are the main “grievances” of the animal

Cats are afraid of the vacuum cleaner for several reasons. And today, we will look at each of them.

  1. As mentioned earlier, pets do not like noise, so they are afraid of vacuum cleaners. The cat can be understood, because the vacuum cleaner is twice as large as it is. Imagine if something was working next to you that would be twice your size. Probably, you too would be scared.
  2. Another reason for the fear of a vacuum cleaner by pets is the behavior of the owners of cats. Yes, it is in them. Very often, for fun, the owner of a cat or cat deliberately scares the pet with a vacuum cleaner, pulling the pet s hair into this device. Yes, such a sight looks very funny, but think about your cat. At this moment, the poor thing is under extreme stress. Therefore, for the safety of your pet, never try to “vacuum” your pet.
  3. Most cats see the vacuum cleaner as “an unknown monster. That is why, they run away from him, hiding under the sofa, and from afar they watch the “monster”. By the way, the most daring cats even fight with a vacuum cleaner.

Cats are cute helpless animals that need to be protected and protected from everything. That is why you should never scare a cat with a vacuum cleaner. It is best to teach your pet to noise.

Cats are afraid of noise

How to train a cat to use noise?

Few people know, but it is very easy to teach a pet to noise. Naturally, it is much easier to accustom a small kitten to noisy sounds than an adult cat.

So what can you do to train your cat to noise and vacuum?

  • Leave the vacuum cleaner in a visible place so that your pet can sniff it, and understand that there is no danger from this device.
  • Never turn on the vacuum cleaner while the cat is sleeping near it. After all, your pet can be very scared and will never “make friends” with a vacuum cleaner again.
  • Place a bowl of pet food next to the vacuum cleaner. So, the cat will very quickly get used to it and stop being afraid.
  • When your pet lies near the vacuum cleaner, pet and praise him.

If suddenly the cat does not cease to be afraid of the vacuum cleaner, then take care of her feelings and try not to turn on the vacuum cleaner with the pet.

How to train your cat to noise?

Other cat fears

In order not to injure the psyche of the pet, remember what they are still afraid of.

What are cats afraid of?

  • Cats and cats are very afraid of objects that make too much noise. Hair dryers, blenders and other similar appliances should be kept away from your pet.
  • In the event that a cat grows up in an apartment and never goes outside, she will be afraid of strangers. Therefore, at least sometimes introduce your pet to nature and the world around you.
  • Pets are very afraid of the cold, therefore, in winter, try to do so that the cat does not freeze.
  • Almost all cats, with the exception of a few breeds, are very afraid of water.

What else are cats afraid of?

If you are raising a pet, then do not forget to give him affection, love and care. Always protect and protect your pet from danger, even in the form of a vacuum cleaner.