All puppies are born completely blind, so they are helpless and extremely vulnerable. The mother dog carefully looks after them: licks the fur, feeds them and takes care of the kids in every possible way. During this time period, it is very important not to disturb the puppies and the adult dog.

People who have a dog for the first time often ask themselves the question: “When do puppies open their eyes?” After all, they can t wait to play enough with the kids and look into their tender eyes.

When puppies open their eyes

At what age do puppies open their eyes?

The birth of puppies is an exciting and joyful event that everyone is looking forward to. When puppies are born, they open their eyes after 10 to 14 days.

The eyes of pets begin to open gradually, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. Most often, a gap appears in one eye, and then the entire eye opens. But it also happens that the puppy s eye opens all at once.

How to care for pets while opening their eyes:

  • When the time is right and the puppies should start to open their eyes, they should be protected from bright light. It is best to place your pet box in a dim room. This will make it easier for pets to get used to the light.
  • In no case should you open your pet s eyes on your own. If you see a gap in the puppy s eye, wait until the eye is fully opened.
  • Visit your vet ahead of time and get special eye drops and ointments just in case.

Opening eyes in puppies

By opening their eyes, puppies learn about the world around them and begin to learn to live.

After the birth of pets, puppies eyelids continue to form and develop.

The main functions that the eyelids perform:

  • They protect the pet s cornea from adverse factors;
  • The eyelids produce tears, and the tears help the eye to clear debris;
  • The eyelids prevent the eyes from drying out.

Do not forget that opening the eyes too early in puppies is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Therefore, if the eyes are opened early, the pet should be shown to the veterinarian.

However, there are situations when puppies do not open their eyes, although the time has come? What to do in this case?

Reasons why puppies don t open their eyes

Of course, if the pet does not open its eyes in time, then this is abnormal. It is better to consult a doctor with this problem.

The main reasons why puppies do not open their eyes on time are:

  1. Microbes could enter the palpebral fissure and cause a common eye disease – conjunctivitis. In this case, it is necessary to take the pet to the doctor and treat the baby.
  2. The puppy may not open his eyes if dirt and other accumulations have accumulated on the eyelids. In this case, you should gently wipe your pet s eyes with warm water.

Why doesn t the puppy open his eyes?

Eye problems in dogs are very serious. After all, because of them, the dog can lose his sight. Therefore, so that the pet does not completely lose sight, it is necessary to regularly examine the eyes and eyelids of the dog.