what grass do cats like

Cat owners notice that their pets are happy to eat grass as soon as the opportunity arises. Moreover, not all vegetation is to their taste. What grass do cats like, why do they eat it?

Why do cats eat grass?

what grass do cats eat

Cats are not herbivores at all, but they are partial to some vegetation. As soon as the pet gets outside and sees a lawn with grass, he begins to carefully sniff it out, and then eat.

If you observe what kind of grass cats eat, it will immediately become clear that these are young shoots.

Attention! After ingesting the vegetation, the cat can vomit, so many will think that eating grass is harmful to the animal. In fact, this is not at all the case.

The cat quite consciously eats greens, because this is due to the needs of her body:

  • the grass causes a completely natural vomiting reaction, which allows the animal to get rid of wool, which accumulates in the stomach and cannot be digested;
  • the eaten grass (if the animal managed to grind it enough with its teeth) passes, practically without being digested, through the intestines and cleanses it of accumulated toxins, fecal stones;
  • Sometimes the herb acts as a laxative, helping the animal to cope with constipation (especially if its diet consists mainly of dry food);
  • the cat feels in an amazing way and can choose plants that, on the contrary, will have a strengthening effect on the intestines;
  • Fresh grass is essential for cats because it contains a high content of folic acid and vitamin B9, which are responsible for growth and metabolism.

Attention! After learning that the herb is good for cats, someone will consider it necessary to add it to the animal s food. Most likely, your pet will not eat it, because he himself knows when to eat it, how much and how much.

What grass to plant for a cat?

how to grow grass for cats

Not all cats have the opportunity to walk on lawns and choose grass for themselves. At the same time, they satisfy their need by eating houseplants, among which poisonous ones can also be found. Cats rarely get serious poisoning after treating home flowers, but sometimes only pots remain from the plants.

To help pets and protect indoor plants, it s best to learn how to grow grass for cats at home and let your pet get what it needs for her body.

how to plant grass for cats

If you do not know what kind of grass to plant for your cat at home, heed the advice of felinologists. Oats, millet, wheat, and barley work best. In the wild, cats are very fond of wheatgrass, which can also be planted at home. You can buy seeds at pet stores, and plant a small bed in a flowerpot on the windowsill.

Important! Do not plant green vegetation on the plantation window at all. Young shoots are useful for the cat. Better to plant as needed.

How to plant grass for cats?

how to plant grass for cats without land

If you decide to plant greens for your pet on your windowsill, prepare an ordinary flower pot, a small tray, or even a plastic cup (such a container will be enough to grow the required amount). As a soil, soil for indoor plants, which you can freely buy at any flower shop or supermarket, is suitable. The seeds can be purchased at the pet store or unprocessed grain in the market.

Attention! Do not buy grain in kilograms – 150-200 grams is enough for your pet.

Next, you should soak the grain for 1-2 days in gauze or cotton wool (put the seeds between the layers and pour a little water, so that everything is slightly wet).

When the grains “hatch”, that is, a clear sprout appears, make grooves in the ground with a depth of 1-2 cm and place the seeds at approximately the same distance from each other. Cover with earth and water. To create a greenhouse effect, for the first days, tighten the container with regular cling film or cover with a bag.

After 2-3 days, you will see the first shoots. And when the plants rise 5-10 cm, you can invite your pet to taste them.

Attention! If you are in doubt about your ability and do not know how to plant grass for cats at home, try purchasing one already grown in pet stores.

How to plant grass for cats without land?

how to plant grass for cats at home

Sometimes the owners of cats do not want to plant grass for their pet, because they are afraid of dirt, because the animal can overturn the pot and everything around will get dirty with earth.

For such cases, they figured out how to plant grass for cats without land. There are several ways.

  1. In an ordinary food tray, place several layers of napkins, between which place the seeds. Fill with water (but not too much!), Cover with foil. Place the tray in a warm place. In a few days, shoots will appear, and after a week, a treat from fresh grass can be offered to your pet.
  2. Take two disposable deep bowls and place one inside the other. At the top, make holes with an awl. Put either several layers of napkins, or cotton wool, or gauze in each. Pour seeds into the top plate, cover with layers of napkins. Water everything abundantly, but do not flood. Wrap with foil. After 3-4 days, when the first shoots appear, the film can be removed and watered daily.

Attention! Unfortunately, such beds without land are short-lived: the grass in them dries up quickly.

If your pet does not go for a walk outside and does not have the opportunity to choose grass, make sure that he can eat it at least occasionally, but do not dig plants from lawns, especially if they are located along highways: such grass will not be useful.

Cat mint

what grass to plant for a cat

It has long been noticed that cats are not indifferent to the species of mint, which was nicknamed the lemon (or mint) catnip. Cats really love this plant and chew and smell, because it has a strange effect on them: some pets calm down, others, on the contrary, become active.

Catnip is added to many pet toys to make them attractive to cats.

Attention! With the help of this plant, you can accustom your pet to his house. It is enough to put the dried grass inside, and your cat will be happy to be there.