When a puppy appears in the house, each owner must provide him with maximum care. So that the pet does not get sick, and is always healthy, it needs to be properly fed and vaccinated in a timely manner.

For the prevention of dangerous diseases, puppies must be vaccinated. After all, some diseases are deadly not only for animals, but also for humans.

What vaccinations does a puppy need? And at what age should you make them? You can answer these and other questions by reading our article.

Vaccinations for puppies

What diseases should puppies be vaccinated against?

Basic vaccinations are given to animals for up to a year, because it is at this age that the pet s body is formed. In each region, there is a list of diseases that need to be vaccinated against dogs. However, there are also such diseases, from which it is imperative to vaccinate animals.

The most common diseases in dogs that need to be prevented by vaccination are:

  • Rabies;
  • Parvovirus enteritis;
  • Plague of carnivores;
  • Coronavirus enteritis;
  • Viral hepatitis;
  • Parainfluenza of dogs;
  • Lyme disease;
  • Piroplasmosis;
  • Lichen;
  • Leptospirosis.

Do not forget that the decision on vaccination is made only by a veterinarian.

Vaccination of puppies

At what age should puppies be vaccinated?

There is a general vaccination schedule according to which vaccination should be carried out. However, there are times in which it is necessary to deviate from the rules and wait a little with vaccinations.

8-10 weeksThe first vaccination is against parvovirus enteritis, viral hepatitis and carnivorous plague.
11-13 weeksSecond vaccination against parvovirus enteritis, viral hepatitis and carnivorous plague. Simultaneously with this vaccination, the rabies vaccination should be carried out.

Do not vaccinate puppies that are less than two months old.

Vaccines for puppies

There are two main groups of vaccines: inactivated and live. Also, vaccines are imported and domestically produced.

To date, the following drugs are used to vaccinate dogs:

DiseasesVaccine names
Plague of carnivores“Biovac-D”




Canivac C

Parvovirus enteritis“Biovac-R”


“Nobivak Parvo-C”

Plague + hepatitis“Kanivak SN”
Rabies“Nobivak Rabies”


“Defensor 3”

“Rabikan” Schelkovo – 51

Leptospirosis“Nobivak Lepto”


Pyroplasmosis“Nobivak Piro”


Adenovirus + parvovirus enteritis“Biovac-PA”



Adenovirus + parvovirus enteritis + leptospirosis“Biovac-PAL”
Plague + hepatitis + parvovirus enteritis“Nobivak DHP”


Plague + adenoviroses + parvovirus enteritis“Tetravak”
Plague + hepatitis + enteritis + parainfluenza“Nobivak DHPPi”
Plague + hepatitis + enteritis + adenoviral enteritis“Multican-4”
Plague + hepatitis + enteritis + parainfluenza + leptospirosis“Eurikan DHPPI2-L”

“Nobivak DHPPi + L”

Plague + hepatitis + enteritis + adenovirosis + leptospirosis“Biovac DPAL”



Plague + enteritis + adenovirosis + leptospirosis + rabies“Hexadog”


Plague + hepatitis + enteritis + parainfluenza + leptospirosis + rabies“Eurikan DHPPI2-LR”
Plague + hepatitis + enteritis + parainfluenza + adenovirus + leptospirosis“Vanguard Plus 5 L4”


Plague + hepatitis + enteritis + parainfluenza + adenovirus + leptospirosis + rabies“Biocan DHPPi + LR”
Plague + enteritis + coronavirus enteritis + adenovirus + leptospirosis + dermatitis (ringworm)“Multican-7”
Plague + hepatitis + enteritis + parainfluenza + adenovirus + coronavirus + leptospirosis“Vanguard Plus 5 L4 CV”

Vaccination of dogs

Preparing a puppy for vaccination, and possible complications after vaccination

In order for the vaccination to work, and the pet s body normally takes the medicine, a week before the vaccination, it needs to be dewormed.

After vaccination, some animals may have complications.

Mild symptoms that may appear on the day of vaccination or the next day:

  • Increase in body temperature up to 39 degrees;
  • One-time diarrhea;
  • Single vomiting;
  • One-time refusal to eat;
  • Lethargy.

With the following symptoms, the pet should be shown to the doctor as soon as possible:

  • Repeated vomiting;
  • Increase in body temperature up to 40 degrees;
  • Diarrhea more than once;
  • Muscle cramps / twitching;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Discharge from the eyes / nose.

Complications after vaccination

If you do not provide the dog with timely assistance, then it may die.

Vaccination is a must for every puppy.