In almost all countries, vaccination of puppies is a prerequisite for keeping animals. Without vaccinations and a veterinary passport, it is impossible to take animals out of the country and participate in exhibitions with them.

In addition, a timely vaccination is a guarantee of the pet s health.

Vaccination of dogs

Dog vaccination rules

For an effective result, dog owners need to follow several vaccination rules:

  • Vaccination is carried out exclusively for healthy animals. before vaccination, the pet should be shown to the veterinarian and a complete examination should be carried out. Only then can the puppy be vaccinated.
  • Pet preparation. Ten days before vaccination, the pet needs to be dewormed and treated with fleas. After the procedures, the pet should be protected from communication with other animals.
  • Vaccination and mating of the animal. Vaccination should be carried out at least two months before mating the dog. Otherwise, the offspring may be inferior.

By following these simple rules, you can save your pet s health and life.

Second vaccination for the dog

Puppy Vaccination Scheme

According to the vaccination schedule, the first vaccination of a puppy is done at the age of 8-9 weeks. According to experts, it is this age of the animal that is most favorable for the first vaccination.

The second vaccination for the puppy is done at 12 weeks. Previously, vaccination should not be carried out under any circumstances. This can harm the puppy s health.

The main vaccination of animals is carried out against rabies.

After all, rabies is a fatal disease not only for animals, but also for humans. Vaccination against this disease is carried out for puppies at 12 weeks. A booster shot is not required for this vaccination, but it must be done annually.

Many dog ??breeders know that in every puppy s life there is such a phenomenon as an immune gap. This is the period of time when the immunity passed on to the puppy from the mother no longer protects the animal, and vaccination has not yet been carried out. Therefore, it is at this time that the pet is practically defenseless and can get sick with one or another disease. To keep the puppy healthy, it should be protected from communication with other animals.

Vaccinations for puppies

Vaccination prices

To find out the approximate cost of vaccination, several factors should be taken into account:

  • A vaccination given in a veterinary clinic is less expensive than a vaccination given by a doctor at home;
  • An imported vaccine is always more expensive than a domestic one.

In order to save money, some people prefer to vaccinate their pet on their own. However, this procedure should be carried out very carefully and carefully. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian before vaccination.

Vaccination for dogs

Vaccination is a very important event that should never be ignored. Unfortunately, not being vaccinated on time can lead to the death of a pet.