Even the most affectionate and kind pet can become aggressive, and the reasons for this behavior are completely different. Therefore, each owner needs to know what to do and how to calm down the pet if he suddenly began to show aggression.

How to calm a cat

  1. If the cat changes its behavior and begins to behave aggressively, then it is necessary to take it to the veterinarian. And the sooner you do it, the better. A pet s aggressive behavior can be caused by a medical condition that only a doctor can diagnose.
  2. If you notice that your pet is agitated or behaving strangely about something, then do not try to calm him down and pick him up. With smooth movements, try to lure the cat into a cool, dark room so that he calms down there.
  3. It so happens that there are several cats or cats in the house. And if one of them suddenly began to show aggression towards the other, then immediately isolate the cats from each other and lock them in different rooms. In splendid isolation, the “violent” pet will understand that he was wrong and will reconsider his behavior.
  4. Never leave your pet and baby alone. No matter how patient the animal has, if he is offended, he will be forced to defend himself. Therefore, so that a small child is not scratched by a cat, always keep the situation under control.
  5. If you have small children, then in your house there should be places higher than human height so that your pet can retire there. While playing with a cat, children sometimes do not understand that the animal is tired and wants to rest and continue to squeeze it. Therefore, the place where the child cannot reach the pet is the only “salvation” for the cat.
  6. Teach your child to properly handle the cat: stroking it according to the growth of the coat, not pulling the tail and be able to stop the game in time. This is very important, because if a small child learns how to do this, then he will never have conflicts with the cat and will not have to calm the pet.
  7. If the cat shows aggression, then talk to the pet with affectionate words, if you see that the pet has begun to calm down, then you can pick it up, and, without stopping talking, stroke the cat.
  8. Never punish your cat for showing aggression. After all, just like that, the cat will not behave aggressively. If something has caused the aggression, then try to eliminate it. If you are unsure of what is troubling your pet, give it a cat sedative and take it to the vet.
  9. There are times when the owners themselves cannot cope with the pet, then it is necessary to seek qualified help from a specialist in animal behavior.

Calm the cat