The good-natured and affectionate Labrador quickly becomes a pet. The main pet care is reduced to proper nutrition, timely walking and vaccination. If the necessary rules are not followed, the general condition of the dog may deteriorate and serious illnesses may develop.

Labrador disease


Lack of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus contribute to the development of rickets. As a result of the disease in animals, a malfunction of the cardiovascular and nervous systems is observed, bone tissue is depleted, and lameness appears. Labradors suffer from increased appetite, constipation, and their coat dulls.

Rickets are prevented by daily walks, special vitamins and minerals, and a diet tailored to the age of the dog.

Mostly puppies get sick, older individuals – less often.

Treatment is prescribed by a veterinarian. Usually, a vitamin complex, good nutrition is prescribed, and in the autumn-winter period, training is carried out with an ultraviolet lamp.

Running rickets is practically incurable.


Such a serious disease as distemper is very dangerous for a dog s life. This is a virus, and it is very easy to catch it: on the street, in contact with infected animals.

An infected pet has a high fever, chills, lethargy, refusal to eat, and hard pads on the paws. The disease affects the lungs, digestive and nervous systems.

Under special threat puppies, plague often leads to the death of a young Labrador.

Vaccination is the only way to prevent distemper.

In case of infection, the veterinarian prescribes complex therapy for the dog with a large number of medicines, but there is no effective medicine yet.


Enteritis is a viral disease associated with inflammation of the intestinal tract. Possible sources of infection are sick dogs, insects, humans.

Enteritis is accompanied by lethargy, frequent vomiting, rapid weight loss, and dehydration. The cardiovascular system and the liver of the animal are at risk.

This ailment is typical for a Labrador of any age, but puppies up to 16 weeks of age are more susceptible to the disease.

The only way not to get sick is during a special vaccination.

Treatment of a sick pet is carried out by a veterinarian using a specific immunoglobulin serum. If treated incorrectly, the dog may die.


Small Labradors less than 18 months old are prone to panasteitis, an age-related and temporary illness. It is not dangerous, and it goes away on its own in a couple of months.

With panasteitis, puppies do not eat well, it hurts them to walk, sometimes lameness appears.

Once the disease is detected, the veterinarian will prescribe pain medications to relieve pain.

Having been ill, the dog becomes a healthy and full-fledged pet.

Acral dermatitis

Acral licking dermatitis is a disease characteristic of this breed. It takes a long time and is difficult.

The causes of dermatitis are stress, boredom, loneliness, sometimes heredity, allergies, or previous trauma.

With acral dermatitis, the dog obsessively and continuously licks different parts of the paws, which leads to inflammation of the skin and the appearance of abscesses and tumors.

During treatment, the veterinarian treats the affected skin with an unpleasant-tasting liquid, and over time, the dog heals.


Cataract is a serious disease, during which the transparency of the lens is disturbed. Labradors can inherit it or acquire it as a result of injury, impaired metabolism and inflammatory eye diseases.

The disease becomes noticeable when the color of the pupil changes to cloudy or white.

A young Labrador can also get sick, but older members of the breed are at particular risk.

If you find symptoms of cataract, you should immediately contact a veterinary clinic. The animal will undergo an operation, where the clouded lens is surgically replaced with a lens.

Ignoring cataracts will result in loss of vision.


Labrador dogs are also prone to ear diseases such as otitis media.

It is formed as a result of injuries, infections, neoplasms. It is accompanied by ear discharge of an unpleasant odor and redness of the ear canals. The sick animal feels restless, lethargic, loses its appetite, and constantly scratches its ears because of the pain.

The prevention of the disease is a periodic examination by specialists and cleaning the ears.

Healing ointments and drops containing antifungal agents and antibiotics help a suffering pet recover.

Launched otitis media leads to damage to the cerebral cortex and deafness.


Oncological osteosarcoma is very dangerous. It affects all bones of the dog, but most often the limbs and ultimately leads to muscle atrophy.

It develops at the site of a fracture or an injured area. The tissues around the affected bone swell, and the bone itself is deformed. The disease is painful and violent. The dog does not sleep well, refuses to eat, begins to limp.
Osteosarcoma affects both puppies and adult dogs.

There is no prevention of the disease. Only a timely examination by a veterinarian can reveal an ailment.
Recovery occurs after the amputation of the affected limb, and the completed course of chemotherapy.


Osteochondrosis is an extremely serious disease that affects the joints and, in rare cases, the spine. It develops gradually against the background of trauma, hypothermia, excess weight and increased physical exertion.

A slight lameness of the pet, stiffness and caution of its movements becomes a signal for concern. Also, the dog is reluctant to change the position of its body.

Osteochondrosis manifests itself at any age. The only way to avoid it is to see your veterinarian periodically.

Treatment of a sick animal is reduced to eliminating the inflammatory process, restoring cartilage and reducing pain. A special fortified diet saturates the dog s body and helps heal faster.

The initial stage of the disease responds well to treatment, but the severe form leads to irreversible consequences. The dog completely loses control of the limbs.

Diseases of a pet are always associated with troubles and worries. Correct maintenance, walks in the fresh air and timely access to the veterinarian will help him not to get sick and maintain good health.