Barking for a puppy is a way of communication between a pet and its owner. Using barking, the dog can show his displeasure, or, conversely, satisfaction.

But if the puppy barks constantly, then it annoys all household members. Of course, barking in the middle of the night is not a pleasant sound.

So how do you stop a puppy from barking in an apartment? What do you need to do for this?

The puppy barks in the apartment

Why do puppies bark?

When a puppy barks regularly, there are reasons for this, and, at times, they are very weighty. It so happens that the pet does not feel well and bark, he wants to draw the attention of the owner to himself. Therefore, if your pet barks often, you should find out the reason for this behavior of the dog.

The main reasons for barking puppies:

  1. Game – a small pet can squeal and bark when he is in a good mood. For example, while playing with the owner. When someone plays with a puppy, he begins to rejoice and involuntarily bark, showing this his playful mood.
  2. Fear – When a small puppy is left alone or indoors for a long time, it will bark. After all, small pets are still completely defenseless and are afraid of everything around.
  3. Anxiety – if the pet suspects that something is amiss, he will definitely inform the owner of this in the form of barking. The puppy may be alerted to strange smells, bad people, or obscure objects.
  4. Boredom – if you don t pay attention to the puppy, he will get bored and start barking. With these sounds, the dog will try to attract the attention of the household.
  5. Illness – When a small puppy has something painful or worried about, he will start barking. In the event that your pet barks and whines without stopping, it must be shown to the veterinarian.

Wean the puppy to bark

How to wean a puppy from barking, the main ways

If you have managed to find out the reason for the loud barking of a pet, then it is very easy to wean him from making these sounds.

  • During the game, if the dog starts making too much noise, show him your displeasure and the pet will immediately stop barking.
  • Never leave a small puppy alone for a long time, by this, you will prevent a long barking of the pet in the apartment.
  • If your pet is worried about something, pay attention to his barking. Perhaps the dog wants to warn you of danger with its barking.
  • To prevent the little puppy from getting bored, play with him regularly and pay attention to the pet. It will be very interesting for the puppy to run after the ball and bring you a stick on the street.
  • When your pet barks regularly, pay attention to its behavior. If your puppy doesn t look good, be sure to take him to the vet.

There are situations when the owner does not understand the reason for the pet s barking. In this case, barking can be prevented in the following ways:

  1. As soon as the dog starts barking, tell him “No” or “Fu”. The pet will understand that you are angry and will stop barking.
  2. If your pet barks outside, pull on the leash (not hard) and the puppy will stop barking.
  3. The most proven way to stop a puppy from barking in an apartment is to ignore it. Ignore the loud noises of your pet, and when he stops barking, reward the puppy with a treat and an affectionate word. The pet will remember that the owner is very happy with the silence, so the puppy will stop barking for no reason.

Wean the puppy to bark in the apartment

Each puppy must be trained, because training is not only teaching the pet commands, but also the best way to teach the dog to listen to the owner. Well-bred dogs will never bark for no reason, remember this.