Barking is a common way a dog communicates with the outside world. However, if the dog lives in an apartment, then regular barking will certainly annoy all household members and neighbors of the apartment. Often, it is the barking of a pet that is the cause of all conflicts with neighbors.

To wean your pet from barking, you need to understand the reasons why it does it and in what situations.

Wean your dog to bark at home

Why do dogs bark?

It is very difficult to endure the endless barking of a dog. There are several main reasons a dog barks regularly:

  1. Play – Very often, animals experience positive and joyful feelings, which they express through loud barking.
  2. Fear – if the dog is in a closed room or something else disturbs the dog, then he will certainly bark very loudly.
  3. Anxiety – there are situations when strange rustles or other incomprehensible sounds bother the pet. In this case, the dog is always barking.
  4. Boredom – if you don t communicate with your pet, and play a little, then he will undoubtedly get bored. And for a dog, the best way to have fun is to bark loudly.

If you understand why your pet is singing, then you need to protect your pet from annoying factors as soon as possible.

How to stop a dog from barking

How to stop a dog from barking? Safe methods

Many owners make the same mistake – they praise the pet immensely for singing with joy at the sight of the owner. Dogs are very receptive to praise and remember all the moments for which they are praised. That is why, never praise your pet for barking, in a fit of joy.

The main ways to stop a dog from barking are:

  • If the dog starts barking for no reason, call him to you using the command “To me” or “To the leg.” When the dog will execute the command, he will be distracted from barking and will switch to the owner. There are situations when the dog is too annoyed and refuses to follow the command. In this case, try to calm the pet and ask to execute the command again.
  • The most common and easiest way to silence your dog is to touch his ears. You can lightly squeeze your pet s ear or just pat the dog s ears. After these actions, the dog will instantly stop barking.
  • If the pet barks for a long time, then you can purchase special sedative herbs for it. They are absolutely safe for the animal.
  • Very often, dogs react uneasily to too loud doorbells or other unpleasant sounds. To protect your pet from external stimuli, change the call or come up with another way to solve this problem.

Dog s bark

A dog s barking is unpleasant, especially if it barks regularly. Also, do not forget that if a dog barks often, then this affects its psyche. Therefore, give your pet more free time and wean the dog from barking just like that.