Cute and fluffy pets are a great happiness in the house. However, cats sometimes scratch wallpaper, furniture, and clothing. Naturally, each owner seeks to wean the pet from such a habit, but, alas, not everyone succeeds.

So how do you stop a cat from scratching wallpaper and furniture? Let s figure it out.

Wean a cat from tearing up wallpaper and furniture

The main causes of bad cat behavior

When a cat tears up wallpaper or scratches furniture, there are reasons for this. Therefore, in order to wean a cat from scratching wallpaper and furniture, it is necessary to find out the reason for this behavior of the animal.

The main reasons why a cat tears up wallpaper and furniture:

  • A cat may scratch something in order to sharpen its claws – this is some kind of exercise to strengthen the muscles of the animal.
  • When a pet scratches wallpaper and furniture, it can thus show its emotional state. The cat may be angry or angry about something.
  • To mark its territory, a cat may scratch it.
  • In the event that a pet scratches your favorite furniture, then he shows his love for a person in this way.

The behavior of a cat directly depends on the attitude of the owner, therefore, in order for the pet to always please you, do not betray him and love him.

The cat misbehaves

The main ways to wean a cat from tearing furniture and wallpaper

There are several ways to stop your pet from tearing things up. Therefore, choose the best for yourself, and proceed with decisive action.

7 ways to stop your cat from scratching wallpaper and furniture:

  1. Teach your pet to use the scratching post.

From an early age, a kitten should be taught to use a scratching post, and then, he will not

will tear other things.

A scratching post can be purchased from a specialty store or created by hand.

  1. Loud sounds.

If your pet scratches the wallpaper and furniture, it can be scared away from this activity by loud, incomprehensible sounds. But remember, never scold or yell at the cat. This will only aggravate the situation.

  1. Spray bottle with water.

As soon as you see that the cat has gathered its claws on the inappropriate objects, spray the pet with a little water. With this action, you will not harm your beloved pet in any way. On the contrary, the cat will associate scratching of wallpaper and furniture with an unpleasant procedure.

Cat behavior

  1. Bad smell.

Observe your pet and determine what he likes to fight the most.

Then, at the veterinary pharmacy, you need to purchase a special spray and apply it to furniture or wallpaper. For a person, this smell will be almost imperceptible, but the cat will now bypass the “favorite” place.

  1. Sticky surface.

No pet likes a sticky and sticky surface. Therefore, if the cat tears up wallpaper or furniture, attach double-sided tape there. The next time a pet wants to sharpen its claws on an inappropriate object, it will surely “stumble upon” an adhesive tape. After that, the animal will not come close to furniture or wallpaper that it once scratched.

  1. Sheared claws.

Even from a young age, the kitten should be taught to trim the claws. After all, if the pet does not have claws, then he will not want to sharpen them. The nails should be trimmed regularly.

  1. Closed door.

This is a drastic method and should only be used in exceptional cases. If suddenly an expensive and valuable item appears in your apartment that can be spoiled by a pet, always keep it “under lock and key.” That is, close the door tightly where this item is stored.

Cat tears wallpaper

Pets always want to please their owners. However, unfortunately, they do not always succeed. Therefore, if your cat or cat has done something, do not scold your pet, just explain to him that he was wrong and the animal will definitely correct itself.