The main weapon of kittens is their claws. In cats, they grow and renew themselves throughout their lives. Pets sharpen their claws every day, making them even sharper and more dangerous.

During the game, the cat can severely injure the owner, so that this does not happen, the claws should be trimmed.

Cut the claws of the kitten

Simple tips on how to trim a kitten s claws

This procedure is not easy, so the kitten should be taught to it as early as possible.

It is necessary to cut your pet s claws when it is in a calm state and in a good mood.

To trim a kitten s claws, you must:

  1. Before trimming the claws, you need to wash your hands and treat the device with which you will trim the kitten s claws with an antiseptic.
  2. Then, take the kitten in your arms, pet it and pet it. It is necessary for the pet to calm down and not be nervous.
  3. Take your baby s foot in your hand. It should be held gently, but very tightly.
  4. Press gently on the pad and the claw will open.
  5. Take a closer look at the claw, it should be cut off in the place where the claw is transparent. Where there is pink fabric, in no case can you cut it, this, you will cause serious injury to the kitten.
  6. Cut off the free edge of the nail, if the cut is not straight, file it.
  7. Repeat all the steps, cutting off the rest of the pet s claws.
  8. After you have trimmed all the claws, praise your pet and treat him with a treat.

If you accidentally hit a blood vessel and the kitten starts bleeding, don t panic. Treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide, and henceforth, be careful.

Kittens claws

Preparing for the first claw trimming procedure

To trim your nails at home, you need to purchase one of these tools:

  • Manicure scissors;
  • Regular scissors;
  • Nail tweezers;
  • Blister – special scissors for cats.

Which tool to choose is up to you.

In addition to these tools, you should have the following items on hand:

  • Cotton pads;
  • Antiseptic;
  • Hemostatic agents;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Trimmer for clipping the hair between the kitten s toes.

The kitten s claws should be trimmed as it grows, it is best to do this once every two weeks. Some people start special calendars and mark the days on which they trim a kitten s claws.

Trim the claws of a kitten

In no case do not skip the “manicure” day, otherwise the kitten may grow out of the habit of this procedure.