Little puppies are cute and fluffy animals that everyone loves to play with and admire. However, do not forget that soon, a small pet will turn into a big dog.

So that in adulthood, the dog does not have any problems, it needs to be raised from a puppy s age.

Training a puppy is painstaking and difficult, but if done correctly, your dog will grow up to be smart and obedient.

How to train a puppy

The basics of raising a puppy

If you are unsure about how to train your puppy at home, read the following information:

1. Preparing your family and yourself for a pet.

The basis of proper puppy rearing is discipline. Therefore, it is necessary to explain to children and other family members that, for example, it is not permissible to take a puppy to bed (except for the first night).

2. Basic rules for a pet.

It is necessary to establish certain rules for the puppy, moreover, they must come into force from the very first day of the pet s stay in the house.

3. Reward for the animal.

A dog cannot be trained without a certain reward. That is why, it is necessary to choose a delicacy that will appeal to your pet.

4. Master s food is a taboo for a dog.

In no case, do not feed the puppy from the table. Otherwise he will get used to it.

5. Praise for the pet.

For each command learned, the puppy needs to be praised and encouraged. After affectionate words, the baby will try even harder.

Treats for dogs

Puppy training

Pet training is not only about teaching its commands. Training is a complete upbringing of a puppy and instilling in him certain skills.

1. How to train a puppy to go to the toilet?

It takes a lot of effort for a dog to learn how to relieve itself on the street.

  • Puppy up to 12 weeks old, does not know how to restrain himself. Therefore, if he went to the toilet in the house, you should not focus on this attention and scold the pet too much.
  • The 1 hour per month rule is a basic rule of thumb for puppy care. The rule says that a puppy can endure as many hours as it is months old.
  • Feeding schedule. In order for your pet to go to the toilet at the same time, you need to draw up a feeding schedule for the puppy. After all, as you know, a dog goes to the toilet immediately after eating.
  • Take your pet outside regularly. After all, the dog must get used to any weather and fresh air.
  • After each “correct” trip to the toilet, praise your pet. When the puppy realizes that he needs to relieve himself on the street, constantly praise him.
  • Take your puppy to the same place. When a puppy goes to the toilet on the street, then this place will be associated with the toilet.

2. How to wean a puppy from biting?

The gentle bite of a small puppy cannot be compared to the bite of an adult dog. That is why, the pet should be weaned from biting even in puppyhood.

  • If the puppy has bitten you, say “OUCH” out loud. This sound will scare the baby away and the next time the puppy will not bite you.
  • Teach your puppy to bite your legs. This is very easy to do – at first, carry a pet toy with you. Every time a puppy attacks your legs, throw a toy to him. Over time, the puppy will stop biting.
  • Disaccustom your puppy to gnaw on inappropriate things. Every time your pet chews on furniture or shoes, scold him slightly.

How to stop a puppy from biting

3. Training pet obedience.

Each puppy should obey its master, and obedience should be instilled from childhood.

  • Teach your pet the command “Sit”, because this is the most necessary command for a dog. Put the leash on your puppy and grab your pet s favorite treat. Hold the treat near the animal s nose and slowly lift the leash up. The puppy will reach for the treat and will automatically assume a sitting position. As soon as he sits down, say “Sit” and give the treat to your pet. Train your puppy until he learns the command.
  • Teach your pet the “Lie down” command. This team learns when the puppy is already able to sit. When your pet is in a seated position, pull the leash down in parallel while lowering the treat. When the pet lies down, say “Lie down” and give the treat to the puppy.
  • Teach the puppy the command “Come to me”, because this is another very important command. Order the puppy to lie down or sit down, then step away from him a couple of steps, get on your knees and entice the pet with your favorite toy. You can also clap your knees or call your baby by name, but never pull on the leash. When the puppy comes up to you, say “Come to me” and thank the baby.
  • Teach the puppy the command “Stop”, because every dog ??must remain in place, at the request of the owner. For this command, sit the puppy, then extend your hand while saying “Stand”. The puppy will stand up and look at you. Then, slowly step back, if the pet follows you, then say “No! No!”. The puppy will understand that he is doing something wrong. When your toddler stays in place, give him a treat and compliment him.

Teach the puppy to command to sit

Pay as much time as possible to raising a puppy, because in the future it will turn out to be a great success for you.