Buying a kitten, each person hopes that he will be able to quickly train the baby to the toilet. However, in reality, it turns out that this procedure is not easy.

Wayward kittens can “take a fancy” to a place that is not intended for a toilet. What to do with these? And how to train a kitten to use a litter box in an apartment?

How to train a kitten to the litter box

How to train a kitten to the litter box

By following the instructions, you can quickly train your fluffy pet to the litter box, without any problems.

  1. When a small kitten appears in the house, try to limit its movement. It is necessary to make sure that for the first few days, the baby is always in sight.
  2. In no case, you can not use force on the kitten and forcibly keep it in the tray. You can put your baby in the toilet from time to time, giving him the opportunity to get comfortable, sniff and explore everything. Do not forget that for a small kitten, a litter box is something unknown and strange, so babies sometimes get scared by it.
  3. So that the kitten does not have time to “do his business” in the wrong place, immediately after sleep and after eating, it must be taken to the tray.
  4. Observe the kitten as you put it in the litter box. If he doesn’t rake in the filler, but just sits and looks around, gently grab the rag on the paws and show how you can rake the filler. During these actions, the pet s instinct will work, and he will definitely understand that the litter box is a place where you can relieve your needs.
  5. If you notice that the kitten is spinning and wants to go to the toilet, pick it up and transfer it to the litter box. When your toddler goes to the toilet, be sure to stroke and praise him. Animals are very smart and they always remember the moments of affection and tenderness.
  6. If suddenly the kitten went “on the small” in the wrong place, take a napkin, dab it in the moisture and put it in the tray. Cats react very strongly to the smell of urine, and next time, the baby will definitely go into the litter box.
  7. There are times when the kitten does not want to go to the litter box. So try changing your filler. Sometimes, animals simply do not like the smell of this or that substance.
  8. In the first days of your pet s stay in a new home, you need to put the tray next to the food bowl and bed.
  9. If the kitten went to the toilet in the wrong place, in no case swear or shout at him. After all, the kid will not even understand why they yelled at him.
  10. For each “successful” trip to the tray, appease the baby by saying how smart you are.

Train the kitten to the toilet

A kitten is a defenseless creature that is just beginning to live, studying the world around it and all its rules. Try to be patient and do your best to make your pet feel comfortable in your home. The kid will definitely see your care and love, trying to respond in kind.