Puppies of some breeds, go to the toilet in the apartment, on the tray. Therefore, the owners of such pets, a natural question arises: “How to train a puppy to the toilet?”

How to properly arrange a toilet

There are several ways to arrange a toilet:

  • Using a newspaper;
  • Using a litter tray;
  • Using disposable diapers.

If you are using newspaper or a diaper, it is best to put them in a special tray without a net.

When installing the tray, make sure that it is level and not wobbly. Most often, the dog goes to the toilet, focusing on his instincts. Therefore, it is best to place the tray in such a place:

  • Near the doors;
  • Near the loggias;
  • Under the windows.

When a small puppy appears in the house, it is best, for a while, to remove all rugs, carpets and paths from the apartment. If the pet goes to the toilet on the carpet at least once, then it will be very difficult to wean him from this.

When to toilet train your puppy?

As soon as the puppy enters the house, it must be immediately trained to the toilet. However, it should be remembered that this is not an easy task. The puppy will not get used to the toilet right away, this procedure takes enough strength and patience.

The first few days of the puppy s stay in the apartment, you need to monitor his behavior. When the baby wants to go to the toilet, he will immediately start looking for a comfortable place where he can do all his “business”.

If for some reason you did not have time to carry the pet to the litter box, and he “went” to the toilet, then immediately clean everything up and put another litter box in this place. Small puppies do not know how to endure and do not always have time to reach the tray.

How to toilet train your puppy

Useful Tips

There are several tips to help dog owners in a given situation:

  • If the dog gets into the habit of going to the toilet in the wrong place, get a special spray at the veterinary pharmacy that has a specific smell. Spray the area where the pet goes to the toilet and renew the scent periodically.
  • To disaccustom your puppy to go to the toilet in the wrong place, you can put a bowl of water there. Not a single dog goes to the toilet where his food is.
  • When you leave for work, limit your pet s movement.

How to teach your puppy to use the toilet outside

Some people do not want their pet to go to the litter box. In such situations, it is necessary to train the dog to ask to go outside.

This requires:

  • Take the puppy for a walk only after a certain time has passed after the vaccination.
  • A small puppy should be taken outside up to six times. So he will get used to the toilet outside the house faster.
  • It is best to take your pet for a walk after sleeping, eating, or playing. Indeed, at this time, most often, pets go to the toilet.
  • You should walk with the dog until it does all its “business”.

Train your puppy to the toilet

If the pet after the street still went to the toilet in the wrong place, then you should not scold him too much.