Many owners are thinking about how to teach a cat to go to the toilet, because then there will be much less problems with cleaning and spreading an unpleasant odor in the house.

Toilet training system for cats

how to toilet train a cat

Supporters of this method note its advantages:

  • the animal does not step into its own feces with its paws and does not stain the apartment afterwards;
  • unpleasant odor and microbes from the tray do not spread;
  • the cleaning process for the animal is minimal (you just need to flush the water in the toilet);
  • no need to spend money on litters for the tray.

how to toilet train a cat

In fact, detailed instructions have been developed long ago explaining how to train a cat to go to the toilet. First of all, be patient, because it will take more than one day to train your cat to use the toilet, especially if the animal has used the litter box well before.

  1. To get started, move the litter box as close to the toilet as possible so that your pet learns where to go to the toilet.
  2. After a few days, lift the tray. Let your pet get out of the habit of having his toilet on the floor.
  3. Raise the tray higher daily until it is level with the toilet seat.
  4. Remove the litter box completely and invite your pet to move to the toilet. At first, you may have to support him, help him get settled.

Attention! Pet stores sell a special attractive spray. They can be sprinkled on the toilet, and the smell will tell the cat where to go to the toilet.

  1. If your cat succeeds, do not forget to praise him – this will consolidate the result.

Do not remove the litter box immediately after the first successful attempt, but do not lower it below the level of the toilet, so that your pet can have a choice for a while.

Important! Felinologists, telling how to train a cat to use the toilet after the litter box, remind you that you need to praise only if the pet has chosen the right way. But in no case should you scold.

The opinion of the opponents of the system

how to teach a cat to go to the toilet

Not everyone thinks this way of animal toilet is natural and hygienic. Even if toilet training was successful, you may have to face the following problems:

  • the natural need of the animal is the desire to clean up after itself – to bury it in its own way, in the tray it covers the traces of its presence with filler, but in the toilet there is no such possibility, therefore the seat may suffer, which the pet can scratch;
  • it is not always possible for a cat to go to the toilet neatly, and after unsuccessful attempts you will have to wash the toilet;
  • using the same toilet with an animal is not at all hygienic;
  • sometimes the state of the animal is indicated by its feces; if the cat goes to the toilet on the toilet, you are deprived of the opportunity to control it.

Important! If you can t keep track of your pet using the toilet during the day, be sure to keep the door open and cover the seat with toilet paper.

Another way to toilet train your cat

how to train a cat to toilet after litter

If the method of raising the litter box to the level of the toilet does not work even after a few months, experienced owners suggest another way to train your cat to go to the toilet.

You can put the tray directly into the toilet if the shape allows it. Having found his toilet in another place, the pet will satisfy the needs there.

This method has its significant disadvantages:

  • firstly, not every toilet can be equipped with a tray;
  • secondly, the filler should in no case fall into the sewer, otherwise you cannot avoid clogging;
  • the pet itself inside the toilet can get dirty.

Important! If you choose this method, be sure to control the process, otherwise there will be many problems.

If you still decide that your pet will be better off in this way, and you know exactly how to train your cat to the toilet, be patient. Perhaps the pet will not master everything the first time, and your irritation will forever discourage the desire to learn.