Many dog ??owners are faced with such a problem that their pets gnaw on everything: wallpaper, furniture, things and interior items.

But really, dogs that gnaw everything in a row is a very big problem. Firstly, by such actions the dog causes enormous damage, and secondly, the pet can chew on a document or any other valuable documents.

So what to do with such a dog? How to wean him from gnawing things?

How to stop a dog from chewing on everything?

Why does a dog chew on everything?

To disaccustom a dog to misbehave, you need to understand why he gnaws and spoils things. Indeed, often, a dog gnaws at everything, not because of revenge, stupidity and harm.

Do not forget that chewing and gnawing is in the blood of every dog, especially small puppies.

Dogs are the smartest animals that get to know the world by trying things “by the teeth”. They do not spoil things out of malice, it is just that the pets check the objects around them.

Why does a dog chew on everything?

Also, dogs chew on things for the following reasons:

  • Nobody plays with them and they get bored. If you do not pay any attention to the pet, then he will find “fun” for himself. Unfortunately, very often this is fraught with bad consequences.
  • The puppy s teeth are teething – during this period of time, pets tend to scratch their teeth on something. That is why they bite and gnaw on everything.
  • Unbalanced pet food. If an insufficient amount of vitamins enters the dog s body, then the dog will look for food for itself. That is why, he can bite and gnaw everything, in the hope of finding wholesome food.
  • The dog loves this process. If, even from puppyhood, you do not disaccustom the dog to gnaw and bite things, then over time, the pet will like this process, and he will repeat it regularly.

In order to wean your pet from gnawing everything, you need to use our advice, and you will definitely succeed.

The dog gnaws everything

How to stop a dog from chewing on things?

It is not so difficult to wean a dog from gnawing things, the most important thing is to clearly follow all the indicated actions.

Useful tips on how to stop your pet from chewing on things:

  1. As soon as the dog begins to chew on things, it needs to be shown what can and cannot be touched. You can select several toys for your pet, with which the dog can do anything.
  2. Don t leave your belongings anywhere. Dogs are very smart, and more often than not, they spoil those things that are out of place.
  3. To prevent the dog from gnawing everything, you can purchase the Antigryzin spray. This tool should handle all the things that the dog spoils.
  4. In the event that the pet eats only soft food, he may want to chew on something. Therefore, you can purchase a special chewy treat or special bones for your pet, which are sold at pet stores.
  5. If you find the dog “hot”, quickly leave the room, waving your arms and shouting any words. The pet will be interested in where you went and will follow the owner. When the dog leaves the room, it should be praised and rewarded with a treat.
  6. You can also distract your pet with a harsh sound. For example, dropping keys or turning on the alarm. The dog will understand that he is wrong and will stop spoiling everything.

What if the dog chewed everything?

When the dog chews on things and other interior items, do not rush to scold him. After all, it is very important to find out the reason for this behavior of the pet and quickly eliminate it.