There are many cat and dog lovers among people at the same time. And these pets, as you know, by their nature do not get along with each other. But this is only in theory: in practice, there are dogs that get along with cats in the apartment and get along well at the same time. But first of all the owners helped them to make friends. A lot depends on your behavior, especially in the first days of the meeting. Be patient and follow simple tips to help make animals friends and avoid conflicts.

 how to make friends with a dog in an apartment

The first meeting of a cat with a dog

When starting a new pet, the owners rarely think about how to train a cat and a dog to live together and naively expect that the pets will get along. But the first meeting is the most important. Further relationships between animals depend on it.

A common mistake of owners is not to interfere with the relationship of pets in the early days. There is a misconception that animals will sort it out among themselves. But that won t happen. Even if it does not come to fights, the cat will most likely harbor resentment or be very frightened.

Note! A pet that originally lived in the house is very jealous of another animal. Never use force as a punishment if your pet aggressively accepts a new neighbor.

But you should not indulge the animal, being afraid of offending him, either. You have to show your pets that you will love both of them and do not allow them to quarrel, that you are the “leader” in the house and nothing else.

The following tips and tricks will come in handy:

  • if possible, encourage the dog to be friendly with kittens and adult cats before adding a second pet;
  • do not let the dog get close to the cat, otherwise it will start hissing and throwing itself;
  • if possible, keep the animals in different rooms for the first days, even if the pets do not arrange fights;
  • do not feed animals in the same room.

Most dangerous of all are hunting dogs, especially dachshunds. They take a long time to get used to cats and can cripple them in the first weeks of living in the house. In your presence, the dog may behave relatively calmly, but at the first opportunity it will grab the cat s neck. This is how hunting dogs act instinctively.

Ideally, it is recommended that you train your dog to smell the cat first. Let the animals be in different rooms. A new pet must first get used to the house or apartment. After 1-2 days, you can arrange the first meeting. Keep animals 2-3 meters away. When trying to attack the dog, you need to scold, but you cannot beat it. Prepare treats for both. First, stroke the animal that was already in the house (it is harder to experience the arising jealousy), and then – the new pet. Then give everyone a favorite treat as a reward for being friendly.

Ideal age

In order for a cat and a dog to live peacefully in the same apartment, have a puppy and a kitten of the same age. Kids are not so aggressive, they are easy-going, and their natural curiosity helps them quickly establish friendly relations with each other.

But how to make friends between a cat and a dog of different ages? The animals will have to be given more time to adapt. Be patient, do not rush, and most importantly, do not use physical punishment for disobedience.

Note! You cannot beat an animal, even if it attacks a new neighbor. The pet will associate pain and resentment with him and will never feel sympathy for him.

Adult dog and kitten

It will not be possible to accustom an adult dog to a kitten right away. Never leave your baby unattended. An adult animal can seriously injure a kitten even while playing.

Provide a comfortable resting place for the kitten at a height so that the dog cannot get there. Feed the animals for the first weeks of cohabitation in separate rooms. Feed the first older pet. In the future, each animal should have its own bowl for food and water.

Adult cat and puppy

Adult cats are usually aggressive towards dogs, but if the puppy is not allowed close, then there will be no particular problems. Keep the animals in separate rooms. A cat can scratch a puppy, which is naturally curious and playful. Animals should have separate areas for rest and eating. A cat can quickly get tired of puppy play. She will want to retire and sleep. She should have such an opportunity, especially if the pets are in the same room.

Adult animals

Is it possible and how to make friends between a cat and a dog if the animals are already adults? The situation is difficult. The dog perceives the cat as prey or an object for play. Therefore, the dog must be kept separately. If there is no way to separate pets, get a dog enclosure. When you first meet, keep your dog muzzled and on a short leash.

Bring the animals daily for a few minutes, but keep them at such a distance that the cat does not start hissing and throwing. If she does rush, tie the dog nearby, give the command to “sit”, walk up to the cat and pet her to relieve fear and tension. Then go to the dog and pet it too. Encourage pets to treat each other calmly with different treats, but do not fully feed them in the same room until they really become friends.

How to make friends with a dog in an apartment

There are plenty of situations when animals have to be in a confined space from the first days. In this case, the question arises: how to make friends between a cat and a dog in an apartment, if there is no way to separate the animals? A large dog needs an aviary. Be sure to give your cat a place to rest and shelter from a playful neighbor.

Avoid situations where pets are jealous. You can not scold one, and immediately feel sorry for the other. This creates a feeling of anger. Try to divide your attention equally between pets.

The dog needs to know the basic commands to be controlled. Don t let animals eat out of their bowls. If you feed your pets with dry food, you need to buy separate food for the cat and dog, as these animals have different needs for nutrients and calories.