Kittens are little fidgets, they can play and run around the house all day long. But if the kitten does not have toys, then he will play with what he finds himself. For example, a piece of torn wallpaper or upholstery from furniture. Therefore, so that the baby does not spoil the interior items and personal belongings of the owner, he needs to purchase special toys.

If a person does not have enough funds to buy toys for a kitten, then he can make toys for kittens with his own hands from improvised means.

Toys for kittens

What kind of toys do kittens like?

It s no secret that little kittens love to play with rustling, bright, ringing and fur objects. Therefore, the pet will happily play with a ball of thread, ribbons and plastic bags.

Do not forget that little kittens get bored with new toys very quickly, and literally a few days later, having played enough, the pet is looking for a new game.

In the house of every person, there are objects that are ideal for the pet to play with them.

What kind of toys do kittens like?

List of items that a kitten can play:

  1. Ping-pong balls or any other board game. But you should check the material of the ball for strength, otherwise the kitten may bite it.
  2. The cardboard box is a favorite toy for small kittens and adult cats. It doesn t matter what size it is.
  3. A ball of crumpled foil or paper.
  4. Bottle caps.
  5. Pencils, pens and empty thread spools.
  6. A pom-pom from an old hat.

Any of these items is suitable for the kitten to play with. But if you want, you can make a toy for a kitten with your own hands.

Homemade toys for kittens

You don t have to buy expensive materials to make an interesting set of toys for a kitten. For him you will need:

  • Food foil;
  • Any feather or “rain” (Christmas tree decoration);
  • A box from under a centimeter tape;
  • 2 covers;
  • Small knitted toy.
  • A skein of thread.
  • Any vitamins.
  • Scotch tape or glue.

Materials for toys

Toy set making process:

  1. First, you need to make a small hole in the box from under the tape and stick the thread there (tying a knot at the tip). Then you should put vitamins or pet food in the box. Then, it should be secured with a piece of tape. That s it, the first toy for a kitten is ready.
  2. Next, you need to pull out a long thread from the ball and tie the ball with foil. It is necessary to tie tightly so that the kitten does not unfold it. And now the ball turned out to be an excellent ball for playing with a kitten.
  3. The same is done with the toy: you need to dissolve it a little, leaving the tail and tie it with foil. Further, the toy in foil should be wrapped in several layers of thread. It turns out to be an interesting mouse.

Toys for kittens

  1. You can also make an interesting toy for a pet from two covers. You just need to make a hole in one of them, thread a thread and fasten the lids with tape (after putting vitamins or food between the lids).
  2. Each toy can be decorated with rain or feathers.

Ready-made toys for kittens

In addition to such interesting toys, everyone can make some origami paper craft for a kitten.

It is very interesting and fun to play with a kitten, so handmade toys will never lie idle.