A dog is not just a pet, but a full-fledged member of the family. When a small puppy appears in the house, the life of the household changes: the baby needs to be regularly walked, trained and played with.

Taking care of your pet is not difficult, the most important thing is to follow some simple rules.

How to care for a puppy?

General tips for caring for a puppy

Caring for a puppy includes several points, observing them, your dog will always be healthy and happy.

  1. Food.

Nutrition is the main aspect. After all, the state of health of the dog depends on the food that the animal absorbs. The puppy can be fed with natural or mixed food. But in no case should the puppy be given food “from the master s table.”

To formulate a balanced feed for your puppy, you need to see your veterinarian or read a dedicated study guide.

  1. Health.

In order for the pet to never get sick, it needs to be vaccinated regularly. Which ones and at what age – the veterinarian will tell you. Do not forget that dogs can get fatal diseases, so rabies vaccination is a must.

In the event that the pet has fleas, they must be removed.

The main signs of a puppy s illness are a hot nose, lack of appetite and apathy. If the pet develops one of these signs, the dog should be taken to the veterinarian.

  1. Puppy care.

When caring for a pet, special attention should be paid to the eyes, ears, hair and teeth of the puppy.

  • Regularly, the dog should wipe his eyes and clean his ears;
  • Bathing of a puppy depends on the length of the coat and the breed;
  • From puppyhood, the pet must be taught to brush its teeth;
  • The puppy should have its nails trimmed as needed;
  • During moulting, the puppy s coat must be combed out.

Puppy care

  1. Walking and playing with your pet.

During the first walk, under no circumstances let go of the pet from you. Over time, get your puppy off the leash and observe his behavior. If the dog is not aggressive and has good contact with other animals, then a leash is no longer required.

A small puppy is like a small child, so you need to play with him regularly. When choosing toys for your puppy, make sure that the pet cannot swallow them.

  1. Training and education of a puppy.

In order for a puppy to grow up as an obedient dog, it must be properly educated. Otherwise, the dog may not listen to the owner. And disobedience is fraught with serious consequences.

From an early age, the puppy must be trained. If you are a beginner dog breeder, then it is better to entrust training to a professional.

How to care for a puppy

Raising a puppy is not easy, so be patient. However, after the puppy grows up, he will surely thank you with love and lifelong dedication.

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