A small fluffy kitten is a great joy in the house. The pet gives all family members its affection and love every day. But in order for the kitten to be comfortable, it is necessary to learn how to properly care for him.

Here you will find basic tips for caring for a kitten at home.

How to care for a kitten

How to meet a kitten?

It is necessary to prepare for the appearance of a kitten in advance. For the baby, you should purchase the necessary things for personal hygiene and leisure.

  1. The litter box is the first thing a pet owner should buy. After all, the pet should be taught to the toilet from the very first day. To help your baby find his tray quickly, you can place it next to the food bowl. There are several types of toilets for cats:
  • Euro-toilet (closed) is the most expensive type of toilet. But, despite this, it is very aesthetic and is always liked by cats.
  • Open with a lattice – such a toilet must be purchased for those pets whom you plan to train to a litter box.
  • An open litter box is a toilet that is designed to be used with litter. This type of toilet is the most common.
  • Dishes – ideally, you need to purchase three bowls for the kitten. One should be for water, one for dry food, and one for regular food. Do not forget that cat dishes should not contain strong odors and sharp corners.
  • A scratching post is one of the most important things for a kitten. After all, if you do not accustom your pet to a scratching post from childhood, then all his life he will sharpen his claws on furniture, carpets and other interior items. Scratching posts come in the form of a special post, and also in the form of a special rectangle that is nailed to a door or any other place.
  • Comb – in order to comb your pet s hair, you must have a special comb. The first comb for a kitten should have delicate and small teeth so as not to injure the baby s skin. Over time, you can change a small comb for a large one.
  • Toys are very important things for a baby. After all, playful kittens do not sit still for a minute. There are many different toys for kittens: from jingling balls to clockwork mice. Pet toys should be of good quality, as kittens constantly take them in their mouths.
  • Carrying is necessary for transporting the animal. Little kittens are often sick and will need to be taken to the vet. To prevent the trip from causing severe stress in the pet, it should be carried in a special carrier.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – these items should be purchased at the request of the owner. Naturally, so that the kitten does not have problems with teeth, they must be constantly cleaned. However, not all owners accustom animals to this procedure.
  • Tweezers for clipping nails. From an early age, the pet needs to be clipped. For this procedure to be painless, you must use special tools.
  • Kitten care

    How to feed a kitten. Allowed and Prohibited Products

    Nutrition is the basis of a pet s life, so it must be correct and balanced. If you feed your kitten correctly, it will live a long and happy life.

    List of allowed foods for a kitten:

    • Frozen or boiled beef;
    • Boiled chicken;
    • Chicken or beef offal;
    • Egg yolk (no more than two per week);
    • Milk porridge;
    • Sour milk products with low fat content;
    • Cereal porridge;
    • Vegetables;
    • Ready-made food for kittens.

    List of prohibited foods for kittens:

    • Chicken and fish bones;
    • Pork, goose, duck;
    • Sausage, salted and smoked products;
    • Sweets;
    • Potatoes;
    • Cow s milk;
    • Legumes;
    • Egg white;
    • Salt and spices.

    All kitten food should be at room temperature.

    Caring for a kitten at home

    Caring for a kitten is troublesome, but very interesting. In order for a pet to grow up as a beautiful and happy cat, it must be loved and properly raised.