Many people believe that dogs are fed with bones. And the question: “Can dogs eat bones?” Sounds strange and incomprehensible. However, there is no unambiguous answer to this question, it can be answered with “yes” and “no”. Therefore, let s figure out which bones can be given to dogs and which not.

Can a dog have bones?

Chicken bones

Dogs should never be given long bones and wing bones. Why? Because when the dog chews them, very sharp fragments form on the bones, which pierce the intestines. Because of this, the dog may develop peritonitis. And this is a very dangerous and serious disease, which requires surgery and the struggle for the life of the pet. At best, the animals can be saved, and at worst, they are not.

Therefore, in order to avoid such situations, in no case give your pet chicken bones.

Boiled bones

Many people think about the question: “Can a dog boiled bones?” The answer is unequivocal – no, no, and again no. None: neither pork, nor beef, nor chicken. This is explained by the fact that boiled bones in the intestines turn into a very dense mass, which clogs it. If this happens, the dog cannot go to the toilet on its own.

In mild cases, you can give the dog petroleum jelly and make an enema, and in severe cases, surgery is necessary. The dog s stomach, intestines are cut open and the bones are removed from it. Do not forget that after the operation, the dog needs to be looked after for a very long time, given injections and droppers. Therefore, if you are cooking jellied meat, throw the bones out of it out of harm s way. Thus, you will save your beloved pet from torment and pain.

Pork bones

Dogs should not be fed pork because raw pork is at risk of infection with worms and other parasites. And boiled pork is too fatty treat for pets, which can also harm the body. Therefore, pork bones should also not be given to dogs.

Dog bone

Beef bones

These are the only bones that can be given to dogs, but again, not all. You can safely give a small puppy veal ribs, there will be no harm from them. But it is not advisable to give old hard bones. Therefore, if you allow your pet to nibble meat from them, make sure that the puppy does not swallow the bone whole.

It is not only possible to give bones to adult dogs, but also necessary. After all, when a dog gnaws a bone, plaque is removed from the teeth and tartar disappears. In addition, dogs simply need to develop a chewing reflex.

Take care of your pets, because besides you, there is no one to take care of them.