It s no secret that for each breed, food should be different. After all, the structure of the body of a Siamese kitten (for example) is strikingly different from the Persian, and so on.

Today, we will look at the principle of nutrition, Scottish kittens.

Feeding Scottish kittens

Feeding your pet with natural food

First of all, you must remember that you should not take kittens that are less than two months old. After all, the pet must already be accustomed to natural food.

In order for a lop-eared kitten not to have health problems, it must be properly fed.

The list of foods that you can feed Scottish Fold (and straight) kittens:

  • Boiled chicken, best of all if it is breast. There is a lot of protein in chicken meat and it will be useful for the baby.
  • Every other day, kittens can be given beef (but not more than 40 grams). The meat can be raw, but it must be frozen.
  • Once a week, kittens can be smoked with boiled chicken liver. Kittens really like this delicacy, but often, it cannot be given.
  • Once a week, kittens need lean, boneless fish. The fish must be boiled and cut into small pieces.
  • As an additive, boiled chicken yolk can be given to kittens.
  • All low-fat dairy products are great food for Scottish kittens.
  • Several times a week, kittens can be given boiled cereals: rice, buckwheat or oatmeal. You can add fish, meat or boiled yolk to cereals.
  • Milk and milk porridge – These foods can be fed to kittens, but in moderation. Milk must be boiled.
  • Cooked vegetables are great foods for kittens. Vegetables can be cut into small pieces or mashed.

Scottish kitten nutrition

Mixed food for kittens

Some people choose to feed kittens with food or mixed meals.

With such a diet, you should remember the following rules:

  • Prepared food should be intended for kittens and not for adult cats;
  • The composition of the feed must be clear;
  • You shouldn t buy the cheapest food;
  • All food served with feed must be cooked.

It is imperative to add vitamins to the kitten s diet, otherwise the baby s hair may grow poorly or teeth may fall out.

Kitten feeding rules

The basic rules for feeding kittens are as follows:

  1. Food is never salted. Salty food is poison for kittens.
  2. Food for the kitten should be at room temperature or slightly warmed up. Do not give your pet food from the refrigerator.
  3. Never give your kitten bones. They can hurt your baby s mouth or get stuck in the throat.
  4. All food for the kitten must be cut into small pieces, otherwise the kitten may choke.
  5. Meat for a kitten should be frozen or boiled. Raw, unprocessed meat can be the source of many diseases in kittens.
  6. In no case, do not feed the kitten pork.
  7. Never give your kitten food from the table.

Clean filtered water should always be available to the kitten. The kitten can drink it in unlimited quantities.

How to feed Scottish kittens

It should be remembered that you should feed a Scottish kitten at the age of 2 to 6 months 3 times a day, after half a year – 2 times.

If you feed your kitten correctly, it will always be healthy and happy.