One of the most common problems faced by cat owners is the onset of puberty. It was at this time that an unstoppably howling and screaming creature settled in the house instead of a beloved and educated animal. The pet unconsciously interferes with the owners normal rest at home. To save yourself and the animal from suffering forever, you need to know exactly at what age cats are sterilized.

Do you need an operation?

at what age are cats spayed

There are several options for solving this delicate problem. Many owners resort to special pills or drops that almost instantly calm the cat and return peace to the house. Others decide on hormonal injections in clinics. The procedure allows you to forget about the consequences of rutting for several months or even a year. It is popularly believed that such measures are quite humane in relation to the pet, however, hormonal medications and injections are incredibly dangerous: the chances of a pet getting cancer, the development of various pathologies of the body, and inflammation of the reproductive organs are significantly increased. That is why the operation to remove the ovaries or uterus is considered the safest way for the animal itself. For a cat, the procedure is absolutely harmless.

Important! Many veterinarians agree that intracavitary sterilization of cats is the most acceptable method of getting rid of the estrus process. Age and consequences in this matter are interdependent.

About puberty

For the operation to be successful, the owner must know at what age the cat can be spayed. In this way, you will protect the animal from many of the adverse effects of the procedure.

neutering cats at what age is best to do

The problem is that each pet s body develops individually. The onset of puberty depends on:

  • breeds;
  • climatic conditions;
  • structural features of internal organs and the course of biochemical reactions in them;
  • work of hormones;
  • the size of the animal;
  • heredity.

Therefore, when deciding when to spay a cat, age must be compared with the individual characteristics of the pet. Usually, in an animal, puberty develops by seven months or a year, but it happens that this happens earlier (at five to six months) or later. At this time, special hormones are produced in the cat s body – estrogens, under the influence of which the pet s behavior changes and physiological processes are rebuilt.

Important! When deciding when to spay a cat, age is one of the main points to consider! Young animals easily tolerate anesthesia and quickly recover from surgery.

If the cat does not find a partner, then gradually (after about three to six days) estrus fades. The animal becomes calm and stops screaming. Cats, by their nature, are usually classified as dicyclic animals (that is, the sexual cycle occurs twice a year), although there are individuals with a much higher indicator.

At what age is it better to neuter a cat?

When asked at what age a cat should be sterilized, felinologists and veterinarians will unanimously answer that the operation is best tolerated by young pets aged seven to nine months (it is easier to recover from anesthesia, tissue is restored faster).

neutering cats age and consequences

Surgery for very young animals is strongly discouraged. Such a step threatens with unfavorable changes in the pet s body and its behavior (excessive nervousness, lack of formation of the genitals, hormonal disruptions).

Attention! If you are in doubt about the age at which you need to spay the cat, go through an examination with the animal at the veterinary clinic.

An adult animal should be operated on after or before the mating season. This will help protect your pet from unnecessary stress. In addition, the cat must be healthy, kept on a 12-hour fast and vaccinated.

when to spay a cat age

Older and older pets need to be thoroughly prepared for the operation, since their body is no longer as active as in youth. The owner must bring the animal for an external examination, ultrasound, X-ray and additional tests (blood, urine) to determine the presence or absence of latent pathologies. Only after the approval of the doctor can one agree to the operation. After a positive answer, the cat is also kept on a 12-hour fasting diet, and then sent to the procedure.

It is very important to calculate the favorable time for the operation in time. Surgical intervention always requires clear knowledge of the answers to questions, especially the neutering of a cat: at what age you can do it, how to choose a doctor, how to take care of your pet after the procedure.

Many owners are rightly worried when they have to think about how the neutering of cats goes. At what age is it better to spend, where to find a good clinic, how to take care of a pet after the procedure – this is a small list of questions that arise in such a situation. However, it is the age of the animal that determines the degree of complexity of the surgical procedure.