When a small pet lives in the house, the house is filled with joy, happiness and fun. But, small kittens, absolutely do not know how to properly “communicate” with people, so they bite and scratch.

To wean a pet from this, it must be properly educated.

How to stop a kitten from biting

How to wean a kitten from biting and scratching?

There are several reasons a kitten bites and scratches. To eliminate them, you need to consider each in more detail.

  1. A new home is stressful for your pet.

When a kitten gets into a new home, everyone starts to play with him, squeeze the baby and pay undue attention to him. For a kitten, this situation can be stressful. Therefore, he can use claws and teeth. To wean the baby from these actions, it must be left alone for a while. The kitten should get comfortable in the new home and understand that no danger threatens him. When the baby gets used to it, he will become gentle and affectionate.

  1. Violation of personal space.

Pet excessive aggression can be caused by another small animal, such as a hamster or a parrot. Kittens are natural hunters, and a hanging cage with a bird or mouse will annoy your pet. More precisely, it will not be the presence of another animal that will irritate him, but the inability to catch it. If you notice that the kitten has begun to behave aggressively, take the cage with a second animal to another room. For several days, observe the kitten, if its behavior does not change – the reason for the aggression lies elsewhere.

  1. Pet game.

When playing with a person, kittens can use claws and teeth. They do it not out of malice, just the little kitten does not know how to play differently. To stop the kitten from biting while playing, buy toys for him and play using them.

  1. Host approval.

Sometimes, the kitten attacks the legs or arms of the owner, and he, in turn, is moved and rejoices in such actions. Yes, naturally, man s boundless love for an animal can overshadow the mind and a person is sincerely happy that the kitten is playing with him. However, this is a big mistake. Animals love to please people, so they remember all actions, after which the owner is happy. To wean a kitten from biting and scratching, you need to show him that you are in pain. Every time the pet attacks the leg, scream “Ay!” And move the kitten away. The kid will understand that these actions are hurting you and will stop doing them.

Kitten bites

  1. Loud noise.

Kittens can be frightened by loud and unpleasant sounds, and they will transfer their fear to a person. To stop the kitten from biting, eliminate the factor that irritates the animal.

  1. Lack of movement.

Kittens are very active and restless, but if you don t play with them, they can become aggressive. To return the kitten to a good mood, at least once a day, pay attention to your beloved pet.

  1. Unpleasant odors.

Cats have a very fine sense of smell, and strong odors can cause aggression in the animal. To help your pet become affectionate and kind, get a special soothing spray for cats at your veterinary pharmacy.

  1. Ignoring.

If the kitten bites and scratches frequently, try to ignore it. The kid will feel the cold on the part of the owner, and will understand that he is guilty of something. After you see that the baby has become affectionate and gentle again, gradually, give him more and more attention.

Wean the kitten from biting

Little kittens are defenseless and not independent, so they try to protect themselves in all possible ways. Show your baby how much you love him and he will stop biting and scratching.